Discover North of Bali
and support Narayan Seva Children’s Home
1 Day tour (Minimum 2 people)

Narayan Seva is an independent children’s home that currently has over 50 children. Thanks to the devoted women who are running Narayan Seva and the volunteer’s work, the children speak very good English. All children are very well trained at yoga and are looking forward to show you how their new home and daily life look like :
Day 1

Pick up from the hotel

Visit Ulun Danu Bratan temple

and GITGIT Waterfall
Lunch at NarayanSeva
Play time* and help with homework and duties
Introduction to Narayan Seva
Welcoming performance
Didi´s introduction and guests introduction
Yoga and meditation with the children
Departing from Narayan Seva
Arriving in Kuta and drop-off at your hotel

Transport, English speaking guide,1x lunch, 1x dinner (All meals are vegetarian) 
Not included: 
Entrance fee to the two sights (totally Rp 25.000/person) 

For booking please contact Didi at +62 362 24921

* You are welcome to bring your own ideas
**100% earnings are donated to the children’s home

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
Lake Bratan lies in an old crater of the silent volcano GunungCatur. The lake is a major source of water for the southern part of Bali and many ceremonies take place at the Ulun Danu Bratan temple to worship the Goddess of the Water, Dewi Danu.
Built in 1633 this temple is a mix of Hindu and Buddism, which can been seen by the big stupa just before the main entrance of the temple.
Even though you can't enter this temple, it's definitely worth a look during a visit to Bali. The temples at Lake Bratan create a mystical atmosphere and the thick mist around the slopes of GunungCatur just makes the whole picture complete.

Entrance fee: Rp 5.000

Gitgit Waterfall
Gitgit Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Bali with a height of 35m. It is surrounded by tropical trees and at this site you can often meet with wild thirsty monkeys.
Discovered in 1815 by the Dutch government, at that time the waterfall serve as luxurious bathing place for Dutchnobleman. Since 1980s, local governments and surrounding communities began to enjoy this beautiful site that has now turned into one of the famous tourist attraction in North of Bali. 
Entrance fee: Rp 20.000