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As Neo-Humanists, Narayan Seva believes in a res- ponsibility to the entire living world and universal love. With benevolent aims, Neo-Humanist Education inspires proper respect and use of natural resour- ces. In this way the children learn how to extend their love and care towards all the creatures living on this world. By following the natural way of life, the children become healthier, gain strength in character and acquire academic skills and knowledge.By living a spiritual life, one can strive to be free of sel sh- ness and to help remove the suffering of others, which in turn will progress the notion of universal love. 

Child Sponsorship... a way of individuals to provide life-changing assistance to a child in need. Sponsorship donations may give the child access to nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education and better living conditions. A sponsored child also bene ts from developing a personal relationship with someone who cares. You can sponsor a child, or more, form their primary, to middle or secondary education, or for as long as you wish. 

Child's sponsorship form, please click HERE 


Narayan Seva provides
• guidance on living according to moral principles
• self-conditioned drinking-water and solar energy
• principal skills so the children learn to live independently
• collaboration with marginalized families to enhance childcare • education opportunities for children from poor families
• a loving home and protection
• individual education opportunities
• holistic education
• Yoga and Meditation
• vegan/vegetarian food
• medical care